How We Find Candidates

We believe that a great strength of TSP is our ability to find candidates that our clients would not see through the “typical” channels.  We grow our network of candidates via referral as opposed to massive data and resume imports – and we take the time to maintain a relationship with each and every one based on their unique requirements and needs.  As a result the majority of our candidates are not actively seeking a new opportunity and we are often able to connect our clients with a strong IT professional who very closely meets their requirements as a result.


We strive to meet every candidate we work with.  How often have you heard from a recruiter asking if you have ever worked with a particular technology and for your hourly rate?  How often have you heard from a recruiter once never to hear from them again?  Our goal is to build a relationship with each person we meet and become a “go-to” resource over the course of their career.  And if a candidate ever moves into active search mode we are already prepared to be a partner in that search.

We conduct an in-depth meeting with each candidate we represent to examine each candidate’s IT skills, level of expertise, real world accomplishments, motivations, salary history, expectations and career goals.  Our methodical approach to getting the key information not listed on a candidate’s resume is what sets TSP apart from other recruiting firms.


While we often meet candidates because they are considering a job change we just as frequently meet candidates who are not actively in the job market.  These are not the candidates usually found in the databases of various job boards.  They have specific career or personal objectives they would like to accomplish ranging from increased responsibility, learning and leveraging the latest technologies to having a shorter commute.  We take the time to understand what might interest them in a new role and let them know when one of our clients has a potential match.

Sure we could scour the same internet resume databases that other agencies use – but that would be redundant.  We compare it to fishing off the dock when you were a kid.  You and your three cousins all had a worm on a hook trying to catch the same sunfish.  Why should our client pay us for replicating their recruiting efforts?  It does not make sense.  By maintaining a network of passive job seekers we believe TSP adds much more value to our clients staffing plans.


Because of the way we work our candidates – and clients – often refer us other IT professionals who may consider a job change.  We believe this is the best way to meet new candidates – and that these people are most likely to fit into the passive category.  It is a much more methodical way of growing our network – but it results in a much higher quality of network as well!

We spend most of our day at TSP speaking with technology professionals from up and down the org chart.  By meeting our candidates and maintaining a relationship with them we are positioned to grow our network by referral and to find great passive candidates for our clients.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Eric Bakke

Eric joined TSP as the Managing Partner of the project management practice. Eric has over 15 years of hands-on project management experience with clients ranging from the SMB space to the Fortune 100. He has successfully managed projects and programs ranging from small server build outs to multi-million dollar implementations. Eric’s goal in creating the project management practice is to leverage his understanding of project management into a high quality relationship for both the client and the project manager.