No Recruiters Please!

Being in the industry for over 20 years I am accustomed to seeing this phrase appear on a company’s career page. Seeing  it  on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile is a bit more disturbing.   Let’s just say the recruiting industry has a reputation for not having the candidate’s best interests in mind – I get it.  I fully understand how people  get annoyed with  recruiters who to try and reach them at work pitching inappropriate jobs  out of state.  On the other hand, I can’t understand for the life of me why someone wouldn’t take a few minutes to discuss their career with the RIGHT recruiting professional.

There is no better ally to your career then a well intentioned seasoned,  recruiter.   This holds true whether you’re placed by the recruiter or not.


Here’s why speaking to a recruiter is worth your time:


  1. The best time to look for a job is when you’re not looking for a job. Searching for a job while you are unemployed is a stressful ordeal that gives the employer all the negotiating leverage on compensation, vacation, and benefits.  When you are employed you can assess opportunities in a more relaxed and objective way.  By doing this, you have  leverage to “ hold out”  until your perfect scenario unfolds.


  1. 24/7/365 When you share your ideal job criteria with the right recruiter you will get someone that will be your eyes and ears in the market. Good recruiters are always networking for their candidates. It is impossible for you to work a full time job and keep an eye out for a great opportunity.   Honestly, a  quality recruiter will not call you once a month with the “perfect” job.  Frankly, the “perfect job” call may never     But being in the right place at the right time doesn’t happen by chance. The people who get these jobs make themselves “findable.”   The majority of professionals we place start out saying    “ I am happy and not looking for a new job but if you find a company that………………I want to hear about it”  Opportunity seldom knocks when you expect it or need it so you better put yourself in position to open the door when it does.



  1. Things change quickly. While you may be gainfully employed today, we are all an acquisition or new boss away from the unemployment line. Having an ongoing career dialogue with a recruiter gives you the ability to react much faster should something happen.   It’s baffling that people will be proactive about so many things in their life – except their career.



  1. Recruiters help you with current situation. Being “registered” with a recruiter does mean you are actively looking to change jobs. Speaking to a recruiter on a semi annual basis helps you understand the market for your own skills and compensation. Good recruiters will also give you the latest trends for certifications and the hottest technologies to put in your toolbox. This information is valuable for negotiating your raise, company paid training, and job responsibilities at your current employer.


  1. Market information from a recruiter will help you react better to staffing needs on your own team. Have you been looking for talent only to get frustrated at the amount of candidate flow you have received? Maybe your requirements and/or compensation aren’t matching the current market. Having a recruiter verify your desired skills  and compensation  match the current talent pool before you begin the recruiting process will save you many headaches.


  1. The right recruiters care about your long term goals. You don’t last 20 years by slamming bodies into jobs.  The right recruiter will objectively dispense their opinion based on years of staffing experience in you specific market. The better I know the candidate, the better advice I can give. True professional recruiters help potential candidates prep for interviews , assess job opportunities , and discuss offers – whether we represent you or not.



I can appreciate the utter frustration of getting   calls and emails from recruiters who know nothing about you and pitch you the “perfect job.”  Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!  I would encourage you to take a different approach. Find a recruiter who you trust and take 5 minutes to talk about your career path.  Wayne Gretsky once said “you miss 100% of the shots you never take”

What I like to say is “you can’t turn down an offer you never get.”

David Vigliotti

David has over 25 years of hands-on recruiting experience on both a local and national level. Prior to founding TSP, David served as the Northeast Regional Vice President for a nationally recognized recruiting firm. Based in Boston, David oversaw technology recruiting for eight offices in five states. He also has addressed international audiences on technical recruiting trends, successful interviewing strategies, and efficient hiring techniques. His past experience affords him access to a diverse pool of candidates and a client list that is a compilation of New England’s best companies.