Quick Cybersecurity Highlight Heading Into the Holiday Weekend

While we work with many organizations to find in-house security professionals we are also lucky to work with several clients who have brought innovative products in this space to market.  According to Cybersecurity Ventures there will be 3.5 million job openings in this space by the year 2021.  A steadily increasing number of engineers and architects we work with are asking for advice as they consider making it their focus moving forward.

We recently came across this article on the future of the space which includes thoughts on where companies will look to fill openings, the creeping scope of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, personal privacy and more.

And for any of you looking for a new role in cybersecurity – take a look at this role we are working to fill here at TSP!

Eric Bakke

Eric joined TSP as the Managing Partner of the project management practice. Eric has over 15 years of hands-on project management experience with clients ranging from the SMB space to the Fortune 100. He has successfully managed projects and programs ranging from small server build outs to multi-million dollar implementations. Eric’s goal in creating the project management practice is to leverage his understanding of project management into a high quality relationship for both the client and the project manager.