Most of you know that I come from a background as an IT Project Manager.  As my experience in staffing grows I have observed on many occasions that project managers surprise me in their approach to finding a new role.  Given our daily professional lives involve a pretty standard process it is interesting how often I counsel folks to apply that very process to their search.

Initiation.  If you are considering a new role and have not defined the scope of that search it will be difficult to find what you seek.  While it seems obvious that a job search has its own initiation – layoff, relocation, change in personal situation, professional development – I regularly see people who have not fully initiated their search.  This is important for people who are not only unemployed and in need of a new position but for those currently employed but looking for a new opportunity.  What type/level of role, salary, location, industry are just some of the elements that must be considered to kick off a successful search.

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